As first quarter report cards go home many students and their parents will be evaluating success in school by the grades earned and the GPA achieved.  STOP THAT!  Instead, students should be evaluating success by reviewing their personal academic goals.
If you said you were going to procrastinate less did you? If you said you were going to participate more in class did
you? If you said you wanted to be a better writer did you seek guidance and instruction?
New beginnings such as the start of the school year or January 1st always bring a host of personal promises and goals.  This is a good thing but only if these goals are actively pursued and periodically reviewed.
So if while you are applauding yourself for more A’s and B’s but you cannot honestly claim progress towards goals set only 15 weeks ago consider a different approach for the next 15 weeks.
In 10 years, when you are in the midst of your career, you will not be saying I wish I got more A’s in school but you very well might be saying I wish my vocabulary was more sophisticated, my writing clearer, and my confidence to speak in front of colleagues stronger.  And here is a bonus; often improving your skills leads to the grades you want anyways.  So recommit to the lofty goals you set during the excitement of the first few days of the school year.

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